2017 EEO-1 Reporting is Open and Due by March 31

Annual EEO-1 reports are due by March 31, 2018. Employers may begin submitting reports any time now that the necessary EEO-1 report website is open. This report will reflect employment data on race, ethnicity, sex, by job category from a payroll period in October, November, or December 2017. The EEO-1 report website contains helpful information including commission contact information, procedures and instructions, and a FAQ.

As a reminder, the EEO-1 report must be filed annually be employers with 100 or more employees, or federal contractors with 50 or more employees and a federal contract worth $50,000 or more. The report provides information regarding the number of employees by race, ethnicity, and sex across 100 job categories.

You may recall that in 2016, the EEOC sought to expand the reporting categories to cover compensation data across a number of pay bands. As we reported at the time, the Office of Management and Budget issued a stay of these expanded requirements in August 2017, pending further review. While the EEOC continues to place a high priority on uncovering pay inequity, that information is not required to be reported at this time.

Regarding the upcoming March 31 deadline: employers may request and receive a 30-day extension, but the request for an extension must be made before March 31, 2018.

If you have any questions regarding your company’s EEO-1 reporting obligations, do not hesitate to contact Evan Bonnett of Hinshaw’s Rockford office or your regular Hinshaw attorney.

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